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December 2023

Hybrid Theory
(Linkin Park Tribute)

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Hybrid Theory
(Linkin Park Tribute)

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Portugal’s Hybrid Theory are the only Linkin Park Tribute that matter – a show by Linkin Park fans, for Linkin Park fans

Set List includes all your LP bangers – One Step Closer, Given Up, Faint, Papercut, Burn it Down, Crawling, Points of Authority, What I’ve Done, Numb, Breaking the Habit, In the End, Bleed it Out and loads More

Replicating the unique style and essence of Linkin Park is a daunting feat. Add to that the deep admiration and affection their fans hold for them, and attempting a tribute becomes even more challenging. However, Hybrid Theory rises to the occasion, paying full respect and love to the band they emulate. Their live performances are a testament to their dedication and talent, and it’s clear that they truly enjoy what they do. Without a doubt, Hybrid Theory is the only Linkin Park tribute that truly does justice to the legendary band.


“If you ever missed out on seeing Linkin Park perform in concert, Hybrid Theory is a near-perfect replica”

Hybrid Theory Bio:

Portugal’s Hybrid Theory are the only Linkin Park Tribute that matter – a show by Linkin Park fans, for Linkin Park fans. This exceptional group of musicians has captured the hearts of Linkin Park fans the world over with their electrifying performances and unwavering dedication to preserving the legacy of one of the 21st century’s most influential rock acts.

Replicating the unique style and essence of Linkin Park is a daunting feat. Add to that the deep admiration and affection their fans hold for them, and attempting a tribute becomes even more challenging. However, Hybrid Theory rises to the occasion, paying full respect and love to the band they emulate. Hybrid Theory don’t just replicate the songs, they embody the raw energy and emotion that defined Linkin Park’s signature sound. They immerse themselves in the spirit of Linkin Park, embodying the same passion and intensity that made the original band an international sensation. This authenticity has earned them a dedicated following, not only in Portugal but also among Linkin Park fans worldwide. In a review of Hybrid Theory’s 2020 Australian tour, Amnplify remarked “I couldn’t believe how incredibly similar lead vocalist and lead rapper of Hybrid Theory, Ivo Massana Rosário and Pedro Paixão sounded and looked like Chester Bennington, Linkin Park’s late vocalist, and Mike Shinoda…” concluding that “If you ever missed out on seeing Linkin Park perform in concert, Hybrid Theory is a near-perfect replica.” With each performance, Hybrid Theory takes their audience on an unforgettable journey through Linkin Park‘s discography, delivering an experience that’s as close to witnessing the original band as one can get.

Set List includes all your LP bangers – One Step Closer, Given Up, Faint, Papercut, Burn it Down, Crawling, Points of Authority, What I’ve Done, Numb, Breaking the Habit, In the End, Bleed it Out and loads More

With their authentic tribute, Hybrid Theory ensures that Linkin Park‘s music lives on, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of LP fans everywhere. Without a doubt, Hybrid Theory is the only Linkin Park tribute that truly does justice to the legendary band.

Linkin Park Bio:

Linkin Park were the nu-metal powerhouse of the early 21st century. Their music incorporated an array of genres, blending rap, punk, electronics, and pop elements. Linkin Park features the versatile talents of vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and keyboardist Mike Shinoda, lead guitarist Brad Delson, bassist Dave Farrell, DJ and turntablist Joe Hahn, and the rhythmic force of drummer Rob Bourdon. Front man and lead vocalist, Chester Bennington was a part of the band until his untimely passing in 2017. Linkin Park remain one of the most successful, ground breaking and fondly remembered acts of the nu-metal genre.

Linkin Park started in 1996 when Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon and Brad Delson met while attending Agoura High School in Agoura Hills, California. The three formed a band called Xero alongside Joe Hahn, Dave Farrell and Mark Wakefield. Working with limited resources, they recorded songs in Shinoda’s makeshift bedroom studio and released a four-track self titled demo album in November 1997. Despite the band gaining some attention and label interest, nothing eventuated in a record deal and frustration within the band reached a boiling point when Wakefield and Farrell quit. At the suggestion of Jeff Blue, vice president of A&R at Zomba Music, the band enlisted Arizona vocalist Chester Bennington in 1999. Bennington, known from his time in the post-grunge band Grey Daze, stood out for his dynamic singing style. The transformation when Bennington joined Xero was so evident that the band renamed themselves as Hybrid Theory.

In 1999, the band self-released an EP, circulating it through online communities and chat rooms. Despite their relentless efforts, a record deal remained elusive. Jeff Blue, now the vice president of Warner Bros. Records, helped them secure a deal with the company as a developing artist in 1999. However, the label suggested a name change to avoid confusion with another band, Hybrid. This lead to the band changing their name to Linkin Park, an homage to Santa Monica’s Lincoln Park.

The band’s combination of duelling vocalists with Bennington handling the more rock elements and Shinoda performing the rap sections faced some scepticism from Warner Bros. The record label suggested demoting or firing Shinoda so the band could be more rock-focused. However, the band’s unwavering vision prevailed. Farrell returned in late 2000, and they released their breakthrough album, Hybrid Theory, in the same year.

Hybrid Theory was released on October 24, 2000, boasting a collection of Linkin Park’s work over half a decade, now finely tuned by producer Don Gilmore. Hybrid Theory soared to commercial success, selling over 4.8 million copies in its debut year and earning the title of the best-selling album in 2001. Hit singles such as “Crawling” and “One Step Closer” became staples on alternative rock radio playlists. The album’s tracks also found a place in film soundtracks like Dracula 2000 and Adam Sandler’s Little Nicky. Hybrid Theory earned a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance and nominations for Best New Artist and Best Rock Album. MTV recognized their excellence with awards for Best Rock Video and Best Direction for “In the End.” This triumph catapulted Linkin Park into the mainstream.

Their success led to numerous high-profile tours and concerts, including Ozzfest, Family Values Tour, and KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. They founded their official fan club and street team, Linkin Park Underground, in November 2001. A tour they organized, “Projekt Revolution,” featured notable artists like Cypress Hill, Adema, and Snoop Dogg. In a year’s span, Linkin Park performed at over 320 concerts. Their experiences were immortalized in their first DVD, “Frat Party at the Pankake Festival,” released in November 2001.

To meet the demand of the band’s fans between albums, Linkin Park embarked on the creation of the remix album, Reanimation, featuring collaborations with Black Thought, Jonathan Davis, Aaron Lewis, and others. Reanimation claimed the second spot on the Billboard 200, selling nearly 270,000 copies during its debut week.

By January 2002 Hybrid Theory had sold seven million copies (it would eventually sell over ten million earning the album “Diamond Status”) and was regarded as one of the most successful debut albums in history. Facing overwhelming expectations, Linkin Park announced their sophomore album, Meteora in December 2002. Meteora, brought together their nu-metal and rap-metal style with innovative elements, including the haunting shakuhachi, a Japanese bamboo flute. Meteora debuted in March 2003, achieving chart-topping success in the US, UK, and Australia.

Meteora’s first-week sales surpassed 800,000 copies, securing its position as the best-selling album on the Billboard charts at the time. Singles like “Somewhere I Belong,” “Breaking the Habit,” “Faint,” and “Numb” received extensive radio airplay. The year 2003 saw Meteora rise to nearly three million copies sold. The album’s popularity led to the formation of the third Projekt Revolution tour, as well as a slot in the star-studded Summer Sanitarium Tour 2003 alongside Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Mudvayne, and Deftones. Meteora brought a plethora of awards and accolades, with MTV recognizing them for Best Rock Video and the Viewer’s Choice Award. Linkin Park received further acclaim at the 2004 Radio Music Awards, clinching Artist of the Year and Song of the Year awards. While not reaching the monumental success of Hybrid Theory, Meteora claimed the title of the third best-selling album in the United States in 2003.

After the remarkable success of Meteora, Linkin Park ventured into diverse side projects. Bennington collaborated on DJ Lethal’s State of the Art and explored his talents with Dead by Sunrise, while Shinoda ventured into a project with Depeche Mode. In 2004, they joined forces with Jay-Z to create Collision Course, a remix EP that blended their lyrics and background tracks from both artists’ catalogues. The EP topped the charts, the first EP to do so since Alice In Chains’ Jar of Flies. This solidified the band’s relationship with Jay-Z. In 2005, Mike Shinoda embarked on his hip-hop project, Fort Minor, releasing “The Rising Tied” with Jay-Z as an executive producer.

In 2006, Linkin Park started recording their third studio album. This time the band enlisted legendary producer Rick Rubin to help craft the record. The resulting album, Minutes to Midnight, again topped charts and produced several hit singles. Linkin Park worked tirelessly on the album, whittling down the original seventeen tracks to refine their lyrical themes. The album’s title, inspired by the Doomsday Clock, hinted at the band’s evolving direction. Minutes to Midnight sold over 625,000 copies in its first week and claiming the top spot on the Billboard Charts. The album’s first single, “What I’ve Done,” became an instant hit, dominating the Modern Rock Tracks and Mainstream Rock Tracks charts. Additionally, it featured in the 2007 film, Transformers. The band continued their successful streak with singles like “Bleed It Out,” “Shadow of the Day,” “Given Up,” and “Leave Out All the Rest.” They even joined forces with Busta Rhymes for the track, “We Made It.”

Linkin Park embarked on the Minutes to Midnight World Tour, which included the fourth Projekt Revolution tour in the United States, hosting prominent acts such as My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, HIM, and Placebo. They also performed at Live Earth Japan and headlined the Download Festival in England and Edgefest in Canada. The band didn’t slow down, launching another Projekt Revolution tour in 2008, which made its European debut.

In 2009, Linkin Park teased their fourth studio album and confirmed that Rick Rubin would again produce the record. The resulting 2010 album, titled A Thousand Suns, featured a more experimental nature based in ambient electronica and divided fans. The album still produced monster hits with the first single, “The Catalyst,” and “Waiting for the End” achieving chart success. The album also featured “Iridescent” which was featured in the film, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. To promote the album, the band released the game “8-Bit Rebellion!” for Apple devices, featuring the band as playable characters and an exclusive track, “Blackbirds,” later included on A Thousand Suns. The band also released a documentary about the album’s production, Meeting of A Thousand Suns, which was available for streaming on MySpace. Throughout the year, Linkin Park made waves on Billboard charts, and A Thousand Suns was recognized in multiple Year-End charts, further cementing their status in the music industry.

On April 15, 2012, Mike Shinoda revealed the title of Linkin Park’s next album, Living Things. The title reflected the album’s more personal, human-centered themes. Living Things garnered acclaim, debuting at the number one spot on the US Albums Charts, and the band’s track “Castle of Glass” earned a nomination for “Best Song in a Game” at the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards. Linkin Park promoted the album by headlining the 2012 Honda Civic Tour alongside Incubus, and they performed new single, “Burn It Down” at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. The album’s singles, “Lies Greed Misery,” and the closing track “Powerless,” which featured in the film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, furthered the album’s appeal and popularity.

By May 2013, the band was back in the studio, working on their sixth studio album. They named the album The Hunting Party, explored musical elements from their earlier work being inspired by punk, metal and hardcore. The album included collaborations with artists like Rakim and Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, System of a Down’s Daron Malakian and Helmet’s Page Hamilton.

As Linkin Park was working on The Hunting Party, Bennington announced he would be replacing Scott Weiland in the Stone Temple Pilots, he released an EP with Stone Temple Pilots in October that year, titled High Rise.

In August 2013, Linkin Park collaborated with Steve Aoki on “A Light That Never Comes” for their online game “LP Recharge.” This partnership led to a remix album titled Recharged, featuring contributions from artists such as Pusha T, Datsik, and Money Mark. They also composed music for the film Mall, directed by Joe Hahn, who had also previously directed music videos for the band.

In 2014 Linkin Park performed Hybrid Theory in its entirety at the Download Festival and headlined at various other events, sharing the stage with the likes of Metallica and Iron Maiden. In November 2014, Linkin Park earned accolades such as the “Best Rock” act at the MTV Europe Music Awards and awards for “Best Rock Band” and “Best Live Act” on Loudwire’s Music Awards. In early 2015, Linkin Park embarked on a US and Canada tour, but it was cut short due to Chester Bennington injuring his ankle.

Linkin Park’s seventh album, “One More Light,” released in 2017, showcased a notable shift toward pop. The first single, “Heavy,” featured Kiiara, the band’s first female vocalist for an original studio album. The album was produced by pop songwriters Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter. It was their fifth number one album, despite divisive opinions on the new direction. Tragically, just two months after the album’s release and shortly before a major U.S. tour, Chester Bennington was found dead in his home.

In October 2017, Linkin Park hosted a tribute concert, “Linkin Park and Friends: Celebrate Life in Honour of Chester Bennington,” at the Hollywood Bowl. A wide array of artists, friends, and fans joined them for a memorable event including Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Blink 182, Bring Me the Horizon, System of a Down, No Doubt, Sum 41, Machine Gun Kelly, Steve Aoki and Alanis Morissette. The band later released “One More Light: Live” to honour Chester Bennington’s final performances.

Following Bennington’s death, Linkin Park entered an indefinite hiatus but continued working on archival projects. In February 2019, Shinoda hinted at the band’s readiness to carry on, although he emphasized that finding a replacement for Bennington was not the goal. In 2020, they celebrated the 20th anniversary of Hybrid Theory with a special edition featuring unreleased songs. Linkin Park similarly celebrated the 20th anniversary of Meteora in 2023 with a website game and released a previously unheard demo, “Lost.” Despite these activities, the band remained focused on other endeavors and had no immediate plans for a new album, new music, or touring.